Suspense – Hunting Trip

In “Hunting Trip,” two buddies take a hunting trip, but one of them has murder on his mind.

As the episode opens, Stan and Eric are driving up to the mountains to relax and to go hunting. Stan is nervous because it is a black night and Eric is driving too fast. Even though they have known each other for years, Stan ponders how little he really knows about his friend…

Stan and Eric had grown up together, gone to school together, and even fallen in love with the same girl, Karen. Stan was the one who married her, but Eric appeared to have gotten over that. Did he? Perhaps they will find that out during their trip.

“Hunting Trip” was written by Paul Bernard and Lee Horton. Vincent Price and Lloyd Nolan starred as Eric and Stan. William Spier produced and directed. This episode aired on September 12, 1946.

(The sound quality of this episode is not the best, and it is clipped at the beginning and end.)