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Suspense – My Dear Niece

In “My Dear Niece,” Dame May Whitty stars as a widow who accepts a part-time job that really isn’t as good as it sounds.

As the episode opens, Mrs. Emily Rogers composes a letter to her niece, Mary. In it, she explains that she took Mary’s advice about being more active and advertised for work in the local paper. Shortly afterward, Mrs. Rogers received a response!

A man named Mr. Bruce, from a small publishing house, employed her to use her home as an office. Every week, she was sent a check, but the company never actually sent her any work.

Just when she was about to quit, Mr. Bruce called her with assignment. Her job was to take in one of their authors as a boarder. She was told that her new boarder need peace and quiet in order to finish his latest work.

But, as she found out, that wasn’t exactly the truth…

“My Dear Niece” was written by by Elliott Lewis and produced/directed by William Spier. Dame May Whitty starred. Also appearing were Wally Maher and Bret Morrison. This episode aired on January 24, 1946.

This episode aired a second time on November 16, 1958. Lee Patrick starred. William N. Robson produced and directed. Also appearing were Lillian Buyeff, Berry Kroeger, Barney Phillips, Jack Kruschen and Norm Alden.