Suspense – End of the Road

Suspense’s “End of the Road” stars Glenn Ford in a radio noir about a car salesman who gets involved with a troubled woman.

Ford plays Speed Evans, a man for whom women have been an “expensive” habit. He wants to turn over a new leaf, but when he meets a captivating woman in his showroom, he quickly finds himself back to his old ways. Her name is Sylvia, and she is there with her wealthy husband, Mr. Ganlon, to buy a new car. Speed takes her on a flirtatious test drive and convinces Syvlia that she must have the car–and the salesman.

Sylvia and Speed have an affair, but she is unable to leave her older husband or her mysterious past behind. Speed drives Sylvia back to her hometown in Arizona to find the truth, but their trip leads them into danger.

“End of the Road” was written by Irving Moore and Robert L. Richards. At the time Glenn Ford appeared in this episode, he was promoting the 1947 noir film Framed. “End of the Road” was the first of Ford’s two appearances on Suspense. Cathy Lewis played Sylvia Ganlon. Also featured were Hans Conried, Joseph Kearns, William Johnstone, and Wally Maher. This episode aired on February 6, 1947.