490120 e324 If The Dead Could Talk

Suspense – If the Dead Could Talk

Suspense’s “If the Dead Could Talk” was adapted from the short story by Cornell Woolrich, which was first published in Black Mask, (February, 1943) and later published in the anthology Dead Man Blues (1948). The French film Obsession (1954) was adapted from the Woolrich story “Silent as the Grave (1945),” but also from “If the Dead Could Talk.”

As the episode opens, Joe explains how all of the trouble started. How he became desperate to killl…

Joe, Tommy and Fran were trapeze artists in the circus. Things were going well for them until one fateful night on the train to St. Louis. It was then that Fran broke the news that she and Tommy were going to be married!

Joe was stunned. He pretended to be happy for them, but he wasn’t. Joe loved Fran, and couldn’t stand to see her married to Tommy.

Instead of telling them how he felt, he bought a gun to kill Tommy. When that idea failed, he decided the easiest thing to do was to create an accident on the highwire…

“If the Dead Coul Talk” was adapted for radio by Larry Marcus. Anton M. Leader produced and directed. Dana Andrews starred. Also appearing were Ted de Corsia, Verna Felton, and Jeannette Nolan. This episode aired on January 20, 1949.