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This will be my last post until Sunday morning. M Radio is changing slightly for about a month. Still the Best in Old Time Radio, just a little experiment is all.

I’m going to be posting around 65 or so shows, two a day that will be downloadable. I leeched a bunch of shows collectively called: When Radio Was King


Suspense – Dame Fortune

Suspense’s “Dame Fortune” is set in Southern California and when the story opens, we are brought into the fashionable home of Jean and Frank Nicholson. They are throwing an elegant soiree to celebrate their fifth anniversary and Jean, played by guest star Susan Hayward, sings a little bit of Cole Porter’s, “I’ve Got You Under My Skin.” After that it turns into a tale of blackmail and murder.

During the party, Jean receives a phone call from an old “friend” named Charles Prescott. He has just been released from prison and wants her help. It seems that he went to prison for a murder they both committed and he feels that she owes him. When they meet to discuss his demands, Charles tells her that he wants to murder her husband so that Jean can inherit the estate. His blackmail threat ensures that she will then share the inheritance with him. Jean agrees, but then tells her husband what has happened. They hire a private investigator named Mr. Sparks to follow Charles.

Susan Hayward not only had a fantastic voice for radio, but she knew how to make a radio script come alive. At the time she appeared in this episode she was promoting her upcoming film, Smash Up: The Story of a Woman, for which she would receive an Academy Award nomination.

“Dame Fortune” was adapted for Suspense by Robert L. Richards from a story by Max Wilk and Ted Murkland. Wally Maher, who seemed to always play the detective in these kinds of episodes, played the sophisticated husband this time around. Also appearing were Hans Conried and William Johnstone.

This episode aired on October 24, 1946.



Susan Hayward died of brain Cancer at 57