470321 – 000 Dead Of Night (audition 2)

Escape -Dead of Night

Sixty nine years ago Escape broadcast its first episode,”Dead of Night,” on March 21, 1947. A month earlier the story had been broadcast on the CBS series Out of this World with the same actors in the lead roles. When listening to Escape’s original opening sequence, you will notice a similarity to the opening words of The Twilight Zone which came along about a decade later, also on CBS.

Escape’s premier episode was based on one of the stories from the classic British horror film Dead of Night (1945). The film was a collection of supernatural tales, including the urban legend of “The Phantom Coachman.” Its most famous segment is about a ventriloquist named Maxwell Frere played by Michael Redgrave and Hugo, his dummy (pictured left). Dead of Night was also one of the inspirations for the famous Twilight Zone episode “The Dummy” in 1962. Richard Attenborough’s 1978 film Magic also borrowed a little from this story.

Escape’s “Dead of Night” stars Barry Kroeger as the ventriloquist and Art Carney as the dummy.

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