Suspense – The Great Horrell

In “The Great Horrell,” a woman tries to escape a husband who reads her thoughts and controls her mind.

As the episode opens, Alma Horrell is in court and her diary is being read aloud by the district attorney. In it, Alma recounts her five year marriage to The Great Horrell, “the world’s greatest mentalist.” She claims that being his wife and his on-stage assistant went well… until the day came when she realized that he really could read her mind. Horrell denied it, but she knew it was true.

At that point, Alma asked him for a divorce, but Horrell refused. Instead he offered to take a job in Australia to give her some time alone.

After he left, Alma and her boyfriend wasted no time in trying to get her a divorce– but she was unable to follow through. Horrell stopped her by controlling her mind!

In the end, will Alma free herself? Or, will The Great Horrell stand in her way?

“The Great Horrell” was written by George and Gertrude Fass. William Spier produced and directed. Joan Lorring starred. Also appearing were Herb Butterfield, Howard Duff, Elliott Lewis, and Wally Maher. This episode aired on August 22, 1946.