Suspense – The One Who Got Away

In “The One Who Got Away,” Hume Cronyn stars as a bank employee who blackmails a coworker to help him commit murder.

As the episode opens, James is listening to his wife, Ethel, talk.

Is he really listening? He tries, but Ethel just talks and talks and talks…

After ten years of marriage, James has had enough. The problem is he can’t find a way out. He tried to leave her once, but she followed him and talked until he “came back home…just to shut her up.”

One day, an opportunity to change his situation comes along. While doing a spot check on accounts, James discovers that long-time bank employee Arthur H. Tillworth has been embezzling! Tillworth offers to do anything to keep James from a filing his report. So, James decides that Tillworth can provide him with an alibi…while he gets rid of Ethel once and for all.

Will he get away with it?

“The One Who Got Away” was written by James Keene and produced/directed by William Spier. Hume Cronyn starred. Also appearing were Cathy Lewis, Hans Conried, and Joseph Kearns. This episode aired on November 14, 1946.