What a better way to enter the new year than with a double dose of ESCAPE

Escape – Action

Escape’s “Action” was adapted from the 1928 short story by Charles Edward Montague about a suicidal mountain climber.

Christopher Bell, a man with a creeping numbness on one side of his body, believes that the only future ahead of him is one as an invalid. With nothing left to gain by living, he travels to Zinal, Switzerland, where he plans to end his troubles on a mountain cliff.

As he begins his ascent up the Schallijoch Glacier, a pick axe suddenly comes tumbling down from above. Annoyed at first, he soon realizes there are two people above him who need help. He springs into action, and in doing so, changes his life.

“Action” was adapted for Escape by Les Crutchfield and produced/directed by Norman MacDonnell. To their credit, this is one of those instances where Escape’s adaptation could be considered more enjoyable than the original story. Joseph Kearns played Christopher Bell, Louis Van Rooten played Dr. Gollen, and Joan Banks played Mrs. Gollen. Also appearing were Erik Rolf, Marta Mitrovich, Jeff Corey, Ray Lawrence, and Berry Kroeger. This episode aired on April 4, 1948.


461205 (222) The House in Cypress Canyon

Suspense – The House in Cypress Canyon

“The House in Cypress Canyon” has a reputation as one the superior horror episodes produced during the “Golden Age of Radio.” What makes this story about werewolves interesting is that it was not a Halloween episode–it was Suspense’s idea of a Christmas story. As such, it has to be one the most chilling Christmas tales ever told.

The story begins in the office of a Hollywood real estate agent named Jerry. He is about to put up a sign advertising a new home in Cypress Canyon, but he is having doubts about doing so. This property has one peculiarity that he can’t explain. A shoebox containing a manuscript was found by construction workers inside the unfinished house. The mysterious manuscript detailed a disturbing story about what would happen to the future occupants. Not sure what to do, Jerry asks his friend Sam, a detective, for advice.

“The House in Cypress Canyon” was written by Robert L. Richards and was produced/directed by William Spier. Robert Taylor starred as James A. Woods and Cathy Lewis played Ellen. Also appearing were Wally Maher, Paul Frees, Howard Duff, Jim Backus, and Hans Conried. This episode aired on December 5, 1946.