Escape – John Jack Todd

In Escape’s “John Jack Todd,” a longshoreman must stand his ground against a sadistic dock boss.

This episode was based on a short story by Robert Simpson but attempts to locate it have been unsuccessful.

“John Jack Todd” is a story about cruelty and cowardice, not Escape’s typical adventure fare, but a good story about the destruction of a bully.

As the episode opens, John Todd arrives at a trading post in Africa where he is to work for the next four years. The dock boss, Captain Brock, is known as a difficult man, and he immediately appears hateful towards Todd.

John Todd makes it known that he is a peace-loving man, but because of that, Captain Brock is antagonistic towards him. He thinks that Todd won’t put up a fight, but when a matter of justice is involved, Mr. Brock gets into a fight that exposes him for what he is.

“John Jack Todd” was adapted for radio by Les Crutchfield and produced/directed by Norman MacDonnell. John Todd was played by Wilms Herbert, Captain Brock was played by Jack Kruschen, and Tony Barrett played Ganson. Also appearing were Don Diamond and Paul McVeigh. This episode aired on May 2, 1948.

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