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Escape – The Match

Escape’s “The Match” is the story of a Canadian Mountie and the fugitive that he is determined to bring to justice.

The story begins in a logging camp on the southern border of Canada where one of the employees, Billy Loring, has a problem. Billy’s wife, Jeannie, has admitted to him that his brutish boss harasses her. When Billy confronts him about it, the boss pulls a knife. Billy knocks him down and in doing so, accidentally kills him. Convinced that no one will believe it was an accident, he escapes into the backwoods of Canada to hide.

Seargent Brokaw of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police is assigned to bring Billy back to hang for murder. The story between the two plays out in the frozen wilderness where Billy has been hiding, waiting for the chance to return to his wife and child.

“The Match” was based on the short story by James Oliver Curwood (1879-1927) of Michigan. The short story is available online at the Short Story Archive. During the 1920’s, Curwood’s wilderness adventure stories, often set in Canada, made him one of the most popular novelists in North America. Many of his works were adapted for film and television after his death. Curwood was also an early wilderness conservationist who served on the Michigan Conservation Commission.

“The Match” was adapted for Escape by Les Crutchfield. It was produced and directed by Norman McDonald. Frank Lovejoy played Billy and Sergeant Brokaw was played by Wilm Herbert. Sam Waxman was the narrator. This episode aired on May 16, 1948.