Suspense – Overture in Two Keys

In “Overture in Two Keys,” Joan Bennett stars as a wife who becomes involved with one of her husband’s students.

As the episode opens, Mrs. Franzie Allen is in a hospital bed. She tells the nurse that she can’t sleep despite the medicine she is being given. The nurse tells her that the problem is all in her mind.

Franzie ponders the irony. She is in a hosptial bed now because that was the very problem with her second husband, Mark. His troubles were all in his mind…troubles that began after he killed her first husband!

Everything had started innocently enough the day that Mark Allen arrived in California to study…

“Overture in Two Keys” was written by Marvin Wald and Pamela Wilcox. William Spier produced and directed. Joan Bennett starred. Also appearing were Howard Duff, Hans Conried and William Johnstone. This episode aired on January 16, 1947.