Suspense – Elwood
In “Elwood,” Eddie Bracken stars as a high school dropout, who is more unusual than anyone realizes.

Elwood Parsons left school to work at the gas station. He helps support his mother and sister that way, but he misses being in school. His father is dead and his stepfather is long gone, but he does have friends around town.

One of them is Miss Wilson, a psychology teacher at the school. The other is Mr. Krantz, an old recluse who lives outside of town. When a number of mysterious murders take place, the residents think the culprit is Mr. Krantz, but Miss Wilson is nervous that her young friend may know more than he is telling.

“Elwood” was written by Robert L. Richards and produced/directed by William Spier. Eddie Bracken starred as Elwood. Cathy Lewis played Miss Wilson. This episode aired on March 6, 1947.