470605 Make Mad The Guilty

Suspense – Make Mad the Guilty

In “Make Mad the Guilty,” Hume Cronyn stars as an unemployed Shakespearian actor who stages a fake suicide in order to collect the insurance money.

202064_golden_gate_bridge As the episode opens, Burt Matthews and his wife, Elizabeth, are at the breakfast table. Burt looks through the newspaper for employment that would be suitable for an actor of his caliber. Elizabeth hits her limit.

She tells Burt that his career as an actor died a long time ago, whether or not he admits that to himself. Elizabeth is tired of supporting him, and she tells him to get a real job pronto.

Burt reluctantly accepts his burden and shuffles off to the department store to apply for a job as a floorwalker.

One day, Burt comes home from his new job and finds that Elizabeth is leaving with their boarder, Mr. Longstreet. He tries to stop them, but then offers to leave himself. Burt explains that if they fake his death, he will gladly disappear. Then, they can cash in on his insurance policy. Will Elizabeth and Longstreet go for the deal?

“Make Mad the Guilty” was adapted by Irving Moore and Robert L. Richards from a story by writer/director Robert Rossen. William Spier produced and directed. Hume Cronyn starred. This episode aired on June 5, 1947.