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470731 Mortmain

Suspense – Mortmain

In “Mortmain,” Jerome Cowan stars an attorney who frames his law partner and then takes over his life.

As the episode opens, a dead body lies on the floor of a kitchen. Sam Boston and the chief of police are waiting for the coroner to arrive, and everyone is looking for for Sam’s law partner, George Perry.

Sam thinks back to how it all began…three years ago…on that day when George breezed into Sam’s office and announced that he was going to be nominated for district attorney. Sam was stunned. He wanted that nomination!

At work, Sam’s wits had won George’s cases and brought him success as an attorney. He had also stolen Alice, the only woman Sam wanted.

George had tried to buy him off with the “what’s good for me is good for you, too, because we’re partners” line…and Sam pretended to agree. The truth was George was becoming too successful on Sam’s talent!

Sam had tried to handle the situation by fair means, but then, he decided it would be better to ruin his partner’s career and marriage.

Will Sam succeed in his back-stabbing plan?

“Mortmain” was written by George Fass and Gertrude Fass and was produced/directed by William Spier. Jerome Cowan starred. Also appearing were Wally Maher and Cathy Lewis. This episode aired on July 31, 1947.