471023 The X-Ray Camera

In “The X-Ray Camera,” a husband wants to reunite with his estranged wife, but she wants a divorce. So, he arranges to have his girlfriend blow her up.

Johnny loves Anna, but she hates him. He knows that, but he still doesn’t want to give her up. Johnny asks Anna to meet him just one more time to talk it over, and she reluctantly agrees. He hopes that he can convince her to take him back, but if she doesn’t, he is prepared to take more drastic measures.

Johnny then goes down to a local department store to buy Anna a present. In doing so, he becomes friendly with the salesgirl and makes a date with her for that later that night–just in case things don’t work out with Anna.

When he does meet with Anna, she tells him that she still wants a divorce. So, Johnny enlists the aid of the unwitting salesgirl to help him get rid of his wife.

“The X-Ray Camera” was written by George and Gertrude Fass. William Spier produced and directed. Dennis O’Keefe starred. Also appearing were Cathy Lewis, Wally Maher, and Lurene Tuttle. This episode aired on October 23, 1947.