Suspense 490512 The Light Switch

In “The Light Switch,” a wife decides to get revenge on her husband and his girlfriend by blowing them up.

As the episode opens, Mrs. John Winston is in the apartment of her husband’s girlfriend. She has turned on the gas and broken the glass of a light bulb. When her husband and his girlfriend arrive, they will turn on the light and everything will go –boom!

After Mrs. Winston has prepared everything, she realizes that she can’t leave the apartment because there are people in the hallway who might see her. While she waits, with the gas still on, she remembers how she came to this moment. How she hired a private investigator named Skip Webb to follow her husband…

“The Light Switch” was written by Richard Bodra and produced/directed by Anton M. Leader. Claire Trevor starred. Also appearing were Verna Felton and Wally Maher. This episode aired on May 12, 1949.