Suspense – The Story of Markham’s Death

In “The Story of Markham’s Death,” Kirk Douglas stars as a washed-up writer, who tries to pass off Edgar Allan Poe’s work as his own.

As the episode opens, Phil Martin is the subject of gossip. Once a prolific mystery writer, he has lost his talent and can’t write a word.

So, Phil decides that he needs to get away for a while. His clingy and overly-sympathetic girlfriend, Ann Fleming, is concerned, but he promises that he will be back.

Phil travels to London, and while visiting bombed-out houses leftover from the war, he finds something special. One of the houses, was once the home of Edgar Allan Poe, and one of the neighbors mentions that her son just dug up a box of old junk from the ruins…

While examining the contents, Phil finds something Poe left behind many years before. Will it be the answer to his problems?

“The Story of Markham’s Death” was written by Robert Platt and produced/directed by William Spier. Kirk Douglas starred. Also appearing were Cathy Lewis, Jerry Hausner, Raymond Lawrence, and Wally Maher. This episode aired on October 2, 1947.