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Escape – When The Man Comes, Follow Him

“When the Man Comes, Follow Him” is the story of what happens when gangsters from the city decide to search for the legendary Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine in the Superstition Mountains near Phoenix, Arizona.

Mr. Heineman is a blind man who controls a syndicate. Pascal is his right-hand man… and his eyes. As the episode opens, Mr. Heineman recieves an unexpected visit from his brother, Mark. Most of the year, Mark prospects in the Arizona desert, but now, suddenly, he has arrived at his brother’s apartment in San Francisco.

When Pascal opens the door, Mark stumbles in dazed, wounded, and mumbling about a “treasure of kings.” He also has a map that he wants his brother to have. His only words of guidance to his brother about what it all means are “When the man comes, follow him…”

“When the Man Comes, Follow Him” was written by Ralph Bates and adapted for radio by Les Crutchfield. Norman MacDonnell produced/directed. Paul Dubov starred as Pascal. Herb Butterfield played Mr. Heineman. Also appearing were Harry Bartell, Jeff Corey, Junius Matthews, and Barney Phillips. This episode aired on April 9, 1949.