Grand Virtues Home

This is the 3rd novel in the Grand Virtues Series. You’ve traveled around the galaxy and defeated the galactic empire to return home and be called again. Then it was to quell a bunch of religious loonatics. With that done, you come home and there’s a knock on the door. It’s an alien from your past looking for a place to live!

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Grand Virtues Home

Grand Virtues Nemesis

Wife and mother Charity has left Earth to save the galaxy from religious fanatics. She formed a group of allies that are not exactly ready to get involved in a war. While stranded on a distant planet without her entourage and the religious fanatics in pursuit; her reluctant allies in orbit call to Earth for assistance. Help arrives in the form of her sisters Faith and Hope, along with the most tenacious type ‘A’ personality of Charity’s family; her mother Nancy.

This novel contains 84, 537 words.


Grand Virtues

This is my first science fiction influenced novel.

Grand Virtues
Some of us are born to a path of destiny.
We recognize the path fate set before us and follow it.
We will not evade, but embrace the future as it guides us.

This is about three average women who live their destiny.

I proudly present for your reading enjoyment: Grand Virtues
A Novel by: Ralph C Johnson
Edited by: Jacalyn A Johnson

Formatted for easy reading

This is the first of several Grand Virtue novels
that follow an amazing family from earth to an
adventure into our galaxy and back home again.

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Grand Virtues pub

Cold Case Equity

This is my novel #6 If you have an interest in my others, type NOVEL or RALPHCJ  in the search box.

Detective Harris wanted to work in the Homicide unit.

Being a hotshot type ‘A’ personality, he decided to make it his mission
in life to bring who he presumes a guilty prominent citizen to justice.

What he found at the end of his quest was the real meaning of justice.

Cold Case Equity UL

A Gathering Of Soldiers

A Gathering of Soldiers – A collection of five short stories

It’s Friday morning at the Outpatient Mental
Health Unit of Edgebrook Hospital in Kansas City.
The round table of Army veterans are
gathered and the session is about to start.
Doctor McIntyre is overseeing the group; these are his patients.
These are short stories of their lives and how love saved them.
Cover photo model is Jacalyn A Johnson
A very brief foreword:
When telling a story, regardless of it being long or short, you need a beginning, a middle and hopefully, a satisfying end.
These are five separate, stand alone short stories divided into halves. All characters were originally created in: Dreams Are Never Lost.
This is not a novel on mental health treatment.
First half of each story is who these people are and why they need to be in a outpatient mental health unit. Second half is how a loving relationship saved each of them from themselves.
The first story is the lightest. Subsequent stories are deeper and darker. Adult themes and situations are involved. If you are offended by the dark side of humanity, read something else.
All stories are inspired by events in the news.

A Gathering of Soldiers complete

John Doe Stranger In Town

John Doe is a single man who has lived an interesting and private life. He looks as plain as a man can be. He would easily blend into any crowd. A young woman even commented he looks mousy. He could pass for a priest.

John has no permanent home; Mr. Doe goes where ever his occupation takes him. He has never been married or had a romantic relationship with a woman in memory. Friends are none in his line of work. He probably has only one acquaintance, his handler.

One morning at breakfast, a situation arose and a married woman entered his love empty existence. John Doe is a very determined man and he always repays his debts.

This is my second novel – 10,678 words

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John Doe

A novel called Bethany

To my new friend Aurora C. (Hey everybody, this is free to download)

My 7th novel: Bethany (11,565 words) (PDF Format)

A Fantasy/Comedy about a 40 year old woman who finds herself in different bodies and different times to finally return home.

Formatted for easy reading

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Bethany PUB