The Porta Potty – A short story (novel)

The Porta Potty – A short story – 261 words

It’s a beautiful, crisp morning as the mature couple are on the asphalt walking path chatting away, solving the current problems of the world.

As they approach the new porta potty that was not there yesterday when they walked by, Hubby asks Wifey; “I brought the disinfectant wipes for the seat. Do you need to go?”

“No. You’re the one who drank two cups of coffee this morning. I’m fine. You go. I’ll wait here.”

As he approaches the green structure of relief, he hands any belongings that may fall into the abyss that will be lost forever.

He approaches, opens the door and enters. The green plastic door slams shut. Besides the sound of the door, Wifey hears Hubby in a panicked voice yell; “Lady please!” Then total silence.

As she approaches; “Are you alright in there?” There’s no response.

“Hubby? Are you screwing around in there? Finish so we can continue with our walk.”

Still nothing is heard. Wifey looks at the door handle. She sees the green: OPEN.

“Pull your pants up and let’s get going.”

When she almost violently opens the door, she sees it’s bigger on the inside than the outside. Curiosity gets the best of her, Wifey leans inward so her upper body enters. It’s like looking into the universe. No floor, walls or ceiling; only stars on on a endless black background.

Without warning, something suddenly pulls her in. The last sound she hears is the plastic door slam shut.