Isabella and Roger, a Love Story (novel)

Novel – A young woman waiting for the public transportation bus to arrive hears footsteps in the dark and damp night air. The footsteps are that of a rookie police officer on foot patrol. They meet and being a single young man, he is attracted to this young woman. The issue is she is not attracted to him. He realizes that he has one chance to get to know this beautiful lady. After asking for advice, our young police officer scores a little bit more than a second look from her. He goes to meet her parents. The courtship has started. 23,461 words

Isabella Roger Pub

John Doe The Stranger In Town (novel)

Because of a serious screw up on my part, I deleted almost all my novels.  I’m reposting them for free, one a day for the next few days.

John Doe is a single man who has lived an interesting and very private life. He looks as plain as a man can be. He would easily blend into any crowd. A young woman even commented he looked mousey. He could pass for a priest. John has no permanent home; Mr. Doe goes where ever his occupation takes him. He has never been married or had a romantic relationship with a woman in memory. Friends are none in his line of work. He probably has only one acquaintance; his handler. One morning at breakfast, a situation arose and a married woman entered his love empty existence. John Doe is a very determined man and he always repays his debts.

John Doe, The Stranger In Town (my 2nd) (novelette) 10,879 words