Sports are back

Or is it supposed to be: sports is back? Some vintage sporting events were delivered to my door, so I can share them with the world. The first up is four parts. I will post each part on consecutive days. My special thanks to the listener who gave me these. He wants to remain anonymous. (Which helps because I forgot his name)

This is the final game of the 1949 regular season, between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox in Yankee Stadium. The BoSox came into New York needing only to win one of two games to take the pennant. They dropped the first one. It all came down to this final game; the winner goes to the World Series, the loser starts the long wait until spring.

This is considered one of the most intense contests in baseball history. It was filled with so many mini-dramas it would make a good book. And in fact, it did; David Halberstam’s excellent book, Summer of ’49’s primary focus is broader than this particular game; it’s really about the 1949 season and the competitive vibe between Ted Willaims and Joe DiMaggio, but this game is an important part of the story. For the ultimate listening experience, read the chapters of the book that lead up to this game before you listen.

Also fun: listening to updates on the Brooklyn Dodgers game with the Phillies. Brooklyn was in the same situation as the Yanks and BoSox. Win the final game and go to the world series. But the Phillies’ Puddin’ Head Jones decides to make them work for it.

Heck of a season, huh?



1 – Dom DiMaggio – CF
2 – Johnny Pesky – 3B
3 – Ted Williams – LF
4 – Vern Stephens – SS
5 – Bobby Doerr – 2B
6 – Al Zarilla – RF
7 – Billy Goodman – 1B
8 – Birdie Tebbetts – C
9 – Ellis Kinder – P

1 – Phil Rizzuto – SS
2 – Tommy Henrich – 1B
3 – Yogi Berra – C
4 – Joe DiMaggio – CF
5 – Johnny Lindell – LF
6 – Billy Johnson – 3B
7 – Cliff Mapes – RF
8 – Jerry Coleman – 2B
9 – Vic Raschi – P