Suspense – A Thing of Beauty

The Suspense episode, “A Thing of Beauty,” tells of a beautiful London stage actress of yesteryear named Madeleine Tremaine. As the story begins, Madeleine is a recluse who accepts no visitors other than the local vicar, Father Benson. He is soon to retire and Father Benson wants Mr. Sedley, the new curate, to continue to counsel her. So, he has brought Mr. Sedley with him on his fortnightly visit to Madeleine.

They arrive at her house during a thunderstorm and sit with her in a darkened parlor. As she reminisces about her career, she tells them about her first stage role. Though she had a small part, Madeleine had upstaged the lead actress, Nell Garrett, too many times by showing off her ankles and performing other distracting “gutter antics” during Nell’s scenes. It had all led to a confrontation with Nell Garrett in which Madeleine received a smack in the face. Later that same night, Nell Garrett was found with a knife in her back.

Suspense aired “A Thing of Beauty” twice. The first time, June Duprez starred as Madeleine. Herbert Rawlinson, and John McIntire also appeared. The radioplay was adapted from a story by Elizabeth Hiestand and written by Robert L. Richards. Produced and directed by William Spier, this episode aired on December 28, 1944.

suspense_1944.12.28_ A_Thing_Of_Beauty.mp3

The second time this episode was performed it starred Angela Lansbury as Madeleine. Hans Conried and Cathy Lewis also appeared. The second version includes a few script changes but the story is the same. It aired on May 29, 1947.

Suspense_1947.05.29_A Thing of Beauty.mp3