Doctor Who – Leviathan Part 1 of 2

Doctor Who – Leviathan by BBC Radio 4

Publication date 2019
Topics BBC Radio Drama
Language English
BBCR4E 2019

Doctor Who
The Lost Stories: Leviathan

When the TARDIS materialises near a castle in a sinister medieval society, the Doctor and Peri befriend Gurth, a terrified youth who is attempting to flee the village….

An adventure originally written for the BBC’s Doctor Who TV series but never made.

Colin Baker stars as the Sixth Doctor.

Peri …… Nicola Bryant
Gurth …… Howard Gossington
Herne the Hunter …… John Banks
Althya …… Beth Chalmers
Wulfric …… Jamie Parker
Siward …… Derek Carlyle

Written by Brian and Paul Finch

Director: Ben Bentley.

Made by Big Finish and reversioned for broadcast by BBC Radio 4 Extra.

Author: ralphcj419e

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