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Escape – The Brute

Escape’s “The Brute” was adapted from the 1906 short story by Joseph Conrad. The story can be found in A Set of Six (1908), a collection of his short stories available online at Wikisource. To read more about Escape’s adaptations of ‘The Brute” and “Typhoon,” click here to read an article published in Conradiana.

As the episode opens in the year 1900, The Apse Family is about to be christened and launched. Young Charley Wilmot and his father go down to the docks to watch, and Charley wishes desperately that he could fulfill his apprenticeship on the beautiful new ship.

As they watch the ceremonies, the unexpected happens. The ship is “launched in blood” and quickly gains a reputation as a murderess, a “brute.” With every voyage, the ship’s reputation for death and trouble increases.

Eventually, Charley does get assigned to The Apse Family as third mate. His older brother, Ned, is first mate and together they hope to break the jinx. Will they, or will “The Brute” continue to cause destruction?

“The Brute” was adapted for radio by Les Crutchfield and produced/directed by Norman MacDonnell. Dan O’Herlihy played Ned Wilmot and Eric Rolf played Charley Wilmot. Also appearing were Nina Codden, Jeff Corey, Wilms Herbert, and Parley Baer. This episode aired on April 11, 1948.