Suspense – Will to Power
In “Will to Power,” Dan Duryea stars in a drama about a secretary who takes the life, the wife, and the estate of his boss without any trouble…until a blackmailer arrives.

Charles is the private secretary to Mr. Donovan. He is love with Roseann, Mr. Donovan’s wife, but the only way they can be together is if the old man is out of the way. So, they decide to get the old man out of the way.

Charles murders his boss by poisoning him and then pushing him out the window. Then, he marries the young widow right after the funeral. Then, Charles sends his new wife to prison for her late husband’s murder. Fortunately, a blackmailer turns up to slow things down a bit. Can Charles get rid of his blackmailer too?

“Will to Power” was written by Frank Talbuss and produced/directed by William Spier. Dan Duryea starred. Also appearing were Howard Duff, Cathy Lewis, Joseph Kearns, and Wally Maher. This episode aired on January 9, 1947.