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What can you do with this — is the beginning story of a family.

I wrote a simple beginning for a family drama story. It’s in the TXT format so it’s compatible with any word processor or you can read it online.

Feel free to read it, change the names, but most importantly: where are YOU going to take the story line? What will you add? How will it end?

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What can you do with this


Grand Virtues

This started as a single novel. It grew into a series. As of today, there are six novels with a seventh planned.

Some of us are born to a path of destiny. We recognize the path fate set before us and follow it. We will not evade, but embrace the future as it guides us. This is about three average women who live their destiny. (Novel 46,000 words)

Grand Virtues final





Suspense – Beyond Reason

In “Beyond Reason,” Ruth Warrick stars as a woman who marries her father’s business partner…despite the terrible things that have happened to her family since his arrival.

As the episode opens, Pinkton Carr steps off a street corner in San Francisco…and is killed by a hit and run driver.

Ruth Warrick_Vangie Carr, his oldest daughter, can’t come to terms with her father’s sudden death. She also wonders about Harry Newton, the man who claims to be her father’s business partner. To her knowledge, her father never had a partner!

Who is he? When Vangie makes inquiries, she finds out that he is something of a promoter and a drifter. In fact, the day her father died was the day they became business partners. Their plan was to sell Carr’s undeveloped real estate.

Vangie doesn’t trust Harry Newton, but soon she finds him…irresistable! But so does her trampy, younger sister, Susie.

Two weeks later, Vangie and Harry are married in Vegas. When they return, Susie is upset. But the next day, Susie is dead!

Again, Vangie wonders how it could happen… Did Harry have anything to do with it?

Soon, her sister Grace arrives, and she too finds Harry a hunk of a man.

Does Vangie have any reason to worry?

“Beyond Reason” is an hour-long episode written by Devery Freeman, a television screenwriter who also helped establish the Screen Writer’s Guild. Anton M. Leader directed and Robert Montgomery was the producer. Ruth Warrick and Robert Ryan starred. Also appearing were William Johnstone, Howard McNear, Joan Banks, and Berry Kroeger. This episode aired on February 21, 1948.