KM99 WWII The Big One V1 CD1

As I mentioned in a previous post, listen to the tones of the speeches. Then take into account in 1932, the politics of Germany. Lost a world war, the economy is in shambles and the previous leaders screwed everything up. Here comes this young group of leaders promising not only prosperity,  but to make Germany a world power again.

1932-07-31 DRF Joseph Göbbels – SA-Kundgebung zur Reichstagswahl

SA-Kundgebung zur Reichstagswahl

KM99 WWII The Big One V1 CD1

Everyday there will be an episode from the KM99 WWII (the big one) collection. This is the finest collection of news broadcasts and events leading up to and including WWII. In the beginning, several of the broadcasts are in German. I do not speak German, but you can get a feel of what’s going on in these rallies by the tone of the voices. Hopefully everything will be available for download. The entire set is 13+ CD’s

1932-07-28 DRF Alfred Hugenberg – Radio Address On Forthcoming Elections

Radio Address On Forthcoming Elections