s470911 The Twist

Suspense – The Twist

In “The Twist,” a radio comedy writer murders to keep his writing partner from leaving the business.

Michael-oshea As the episode opens, Gus Green explains that twelve years earlier, he drove a cab for a living and spent his time day-dreaming. Then, he met radio gag writer Van Hauser. The tow of them hated each other right away, but Gus convinced Van to give him a chance as a “situation” writer. The two of them were a hit together but separately they bombed.

Gus was determined to stick with Van no matter what. Then, a problem developed. Van announced that he was going to marry a dancer named Julie Phelps. Gus knew that meant Van would leave the business…and then leave him with nothing! So, he came up with a situation that would rid them of Julie…

How did that work out for him? Not well.

“The Twist” was written by Faith Blau and produced/directed by William Spier. Sidney Miller and Michael O’Shea starred. This episode aired on September 11, 1947.


Suspense – Murder Aboard the Alphabet

In “Murder Aboard the Alphabet,” the crew of a deep sea tugboat fears that their captain is a madman.

As the episode opens, the chief officer of the Alphabet, Mr. Marchland, explains what happened during their voyage from Liverpool to Boston.

The ship was under the command of Captain Walker for the first time, and it soon became apparent that their new captain had intense peculiarities and a maniacal need to organize everything alphabetically. At first he seemed harmless, but when members of the crew began to mysteriously disappear in alphabetical order, they realized that their captain was more dangerous than odd.

“Murder Aboard the Alphabet” was written by Charles Turrell and produced and directed by William Spier. John Lund starred as Mr. Marchland and Joseph Kearns played the captain. Also appearing were Wiliam Johnstone and Ben Wright. This episode aired on August 21, 1947.

Sus 470821_Murder Aboard the Alphabet

Suspense did this story a second time in 1955, but no recordings of that broadcast are known to exist at this time