Suspense – Crime Without Passion

In “Crime Without Passion,” Joseph Cotten stars as an attorney who uses his superior legal knowledge to create an elaborate alibi.

This 1944 episode was adapted, almost exactly, from Ben Hech’ts short story of the same name, which can be found in Actor’s Blood, a 1936 collection of Hecht’s short stories. The story was previously published under the title “Caballero of the Law” in the Saturday Evening Post in 1933. The 1934 film, Crime of Passion is also based on this story.

As the episode opens, Mr. Lou Hendrix and his mistress, Carmen Browne, are having an argument. He has tired of her and wants to move on. She is furious that she is being given the brush off! He claims that she is still interested in her ex. Their argument steadily escalates, until, Mr. Hendrix grabs a candlestick…and brings it down on Carmen’s head.

After realizing what he has done, Mr. Hendrix, a prominent attorney, uses his legal knowledge to create an alibi that will make it impossible for anyone to place him at the scene of the crime.

Will he create a perfect alibi…or create a situation from which there is no defense?

“Crime Without Passion” was produced and directed by William Spier. Joseph Cotten starred. Also appearing were Cathy Lewis, Howard Duff, Wally Maher, and William Johnstone. This episode aired on May 2, 1946.