Suspense – Murder by an Expert

In “Murder by an Expert,” Lynn Bari stars as a dancer who tries to frame her brother-in-law for the murder of her husband.

Lynn BariAs the episode opens, it is late and Edith is about to set her plan in motion. She wakes her husband, Bob, and tells him that they are expected at an audition. Though he didn’t hear the phone, he believes that their agent called and agrees to go.

Then Edith phones her brother-in-law, Jimmy. She tells him that she and Bob have been fighting and that they are likely to break-up. Jimmy tells her not to worry, he will be right over to help!

Next, Edith and Bob prepare to leave for their audition. As Bob is packing their costumes, she attacks him, and sets her plan in motion to get rid of Bob and marry their agent…

But, is her agent so hot to marry her?

“Murder by an Expert” was written by John Shaw and produced/directed by William Spier. Lynn Bari starred. Also appearing were Hans Conried, Jerry Hausner, Wally Maher, Jack Webb, and Sidney Miller. This episode aired on July 24, 1947.

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