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Suspense – Donovan’s Brain

“Donovan’s Brain” was based on the classic 1943 novel by Curt Siodmak and starred Orson Welles in multiple roles. It was the first two-part episode of Suspense and their first venture into science fiction.

The story is set in Phoenix, Arizona where a doctor named Patrick Cory is working on an experiment to keep a brain alive. His project isn’t going well, but things perk up when a plane accident happens near his laboratory. A famous Wall Street millionaire named William Horace Donovan is brought to him for an emergency operation, but Cory refuses to do it. Instead, he removes Donovan’s brain and attaches it to an apparatus that will keep it alive and allow it to communicate.

Dr. Cory is determined to make his experiment work. So determined, that he doesn’t notice when his wife, Janice, disappears. Is that because he is consumed by his work, or because the brain of Donovan is controlling his thoughts?

“Donovon’s Brain” was produced and directed by William Spier. Featured in the cast were, Hans Conried, Jerry Hausner, John McIntire, and Jeannette Nolan. Part 1 aired on May 18, 1944, and Part 2 aired on May 25, 1944.



In 1981, a release of this episode on LP won a Grammy for best Best Spoken Word, Drama, or Documentary.

On February 7, 1948, Suspense aired “Donovan’s Brain” again as one hour long episode. John McIntire starred as Dr. Cory. Also appearing were William Johnstone, Wally Maher, and Jeannette Nolan.


There have been numerous other adaptations of this story for film and television. The image above is from the 1953 film Donovan’s Brain.

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