Suspense 480916 Hitchhike Poker

In “Hitchhiker Poker,” Gregory Peck stars as a hitchhiker who takes a ride with someone dangerous.

As the episode opens, Ridge Fowler, a college student and former vet, is hitchhiking to Ojai to visit his mother. His dilemna appears to be resolved when a yellow convertible pulls up, and the friendly man behind the wheel offers him a ride. Ridge accepts! The driver, Jay Stewart Belden, seems like a good guy. Why, he even buys Ridge lunch, and gives him the coat off his back.

Gregory_Peck_in_Gentleman’s_Agreement_trailer Not long afterwards, Mr. Belden jumps out of the car and leaves Ridge to die an explosive death! Ridge survives the crash…but then Mr. Belden starts shooting at him!

So, why did Mr. Belden offer to give Ridge a ride?

“Hitchhiker Poker” was written by John and Gwen Bagni, and produced/ directed by Anton M. Leader. Gregory Peck starred. Also appearing were Ed Begley and Kay Brinker. This episode aired on September 16, 1948.


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